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Mine Aim Of Life


                                 On The Grace of the 10 Guru this    Slave {Nimal Singh } stundent of Damdami Taksal } got  awareness bestowal by the LORD for the HOLY VERESES “ DHUR KI BANI AAI TIN SAGLI CHINT METAI ’’ LORD has prompoted me , Encouraged me for this study  of the HOLY VERSES .

By the Mercy , Kindness , Pity of the LORD this Slave has completed the studies of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji , Sri Dashem Granth Sahib Ji , Sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji ,Bhai Gurdas G Dia Wara , Small Holy books of Katha as Adyatam Prakash , Varaag Satak , Vichar Mala etc . History of Sikhism written by Bhai Santhok Singh G & Fables of the Granths .

                                                          I Get the studies of the following Holy Books from Damdami Taksal Ving - Bhindra village Mehta , Hazoor Sahib as well as while wandirng I completed mine studies .

                                                         The name of mine tutors are : Gaini Joginder Singh G {Gaini G }, Saint Darshan Singh G {Saint Dala Wale },Sri Maan Madho Singh G{Madho G }, Sri Maan Baapu Ratan Singh G , Gaini Hardeep Singh G {Hazoori Taksal } , Gaini Surjeet Singh G {Sodhi } Ustaad M.d Aquitak Ahamad G etc of the tutors for whom I completed mine studies .

                                                       Now the LORD has Bestowed a desire in mine heart T 2 teach the student & spread the Teaching of the Guru 2 all over the world . Frds Whats Guru says  ? “  VIDHYA VIHARI TAI PURUPKARI ” Its mean that , U should do Benevolence / Benefaction on the pupils  by showing the right path by yours theosophic study . Here path means that How....... How can V meet GOD  / The which is Issued by the GOD 2 do in the Earth .

                           The Alms of  the Theosophic is the very big Alms in the world “BRAM GAINI SUM DAN NAH , DHARM NA DAYA SAMAN ”  
with the help of Theosophic study we can get out of the 84 Lakhs Speices Among whom an unlibetrated soul wanders . So, Mine desire is  2 give the teachings of the Scripts / Holy Verses which give the unvaulable Soteriological {Ends of transmigration of soul & its union  with GOD }, It also gives the Virtue  2 the  pupils .

                            To all the religions / creed  , to all the infornals , animals , roots , Ghosts , Stupids / Silly , Sinners / Degraded / Fallen {In moral / Religious sense}   Sinful / Demerit , Illusion , Lustful ,Spiteful , Treacherous , Quarrelsome , Hypocrite ,Lumber , Hoodwink Malicious / Envious feeling  , It show the right path of the life & bring them in the straight way . So mine aim is 2 spread the teachings of the Guru 2 all over the world & also give the Theosophic teachings  2 Apprenticeship .

                                                     Slave as also done charity of teaching the Divinity in English in Saint Gaini Gurbachan Singh G Khalsa academy for 4 Months , After that mine heart had a desire 2 study  more Theosophic so , I left the charity .

                                                    If any Guru- Orients wanna the study of any Grant's  OR  Wants 2 call me in his  State , City , Village , Country , Foreign Country for  Katha /Teachings  in English / Punjabi can contact me .                                                                                                            

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