Mahakal Arms

The Original Five Takhats

                 The dispute of fifth takhat is another major point of confliction between the Nihangs and the SGPC. According to the old records, the five takhats are as followings:

1. Sri Akal Takhat Sahib:
It was declared as Takhat in 1609 AD by Sri Har Gobind Ji, (Lord of Miri Piri). It is situated in the vicinity of Darbar Sahib and right in front of Darshani Deorhi in Amritsar.

2. Takhat Sri Patna Sahib:
It is situated in Patna (Bihar State) where Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (the 10th guru) was born. And it is one of the most important place in Bihar.

The Martial Art of Nihang

3. Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib:
It is situated in Anandpur Sahib (Punjab). Here Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji laid the foundation of Khalsa Panth.

4. Takhat Sri Hajur Sahib:
This Takhat is situated in Nanded in the state of Maharashtra. At this very place Guru Gobind Singh Ji "Jyoti Jyot Samay" or "made heavenly abode". At this very place Guru ji gave Guru Granth Sahib the "Gur Gadhi".

5. Takhat Sri Budha Dal:
Budha Dal is said to be the "Ladlian Faujan" of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Originally, Budhadal is said to be the 5th and the final takhat. However, as mentioned earlier that SGPC is now the governing body and all the major religious properties are under their control. They are forcefully changing the history once again, by alleging that Dam Dama Sahib is the fifth takhat. Which is historically NOT TRUE. This is just another thorn in the history of brave Nihangs.